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Andie Andrews

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Farming & Homesteading
With The Saints 
(July 2023)

Everyone who works the soil, whether on a prairie, the outskirts of a small town, in a city garden or on a hundred-acre, generational farm, can use inspiration and blessings to get through the endless work and daily challenges. Who better to look to for examples of strength, courage, and faith than the heavenly companions who have been there themselves? Farming and Homesteading with the Saints is a faith-filled, 224-page "field guide" to Catholic holy men and women connected to agriculture, animals and rural life, as well as timeless blessings to pray for your daily needs. Don't leave the farmhouse without it! 

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The Shepherdess 
(Sept. 2023)

The Shepherdess was inspired by the brief life of St. Germaine Cousin of Pibrac as illuminated by Catholic history and tradition. An isolated and abused child stricken with an incurable, disfiguring disease, she became a shepherdess and radiant model of patience, humility, faith and fortitude — as well as the patroness of those suffering from abandonment, abuse, disability, or poverty. In a world plagued by the evils of human trafficking, St. Germaine is a serviceable saint for our times.

Written by a modern-day shepherdess, some names, characters, details, and events have been novelized as a means of presenting St. Germaine's story with heart and imagination while remaining faithful to the essence of her biography and heroic journey to sainthood.

Whether you're at home in the flock — or one who's wandering or lost — let St. Germaine lead you closer to the heart of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

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Follow my own homesteading adventures raising Valais Blacknose Sheep
("The cutest sheep in the world," y'all!) at

About Andie Andrews Eisenberg

Andie Andrews Eisenberg is an avid horsewoman, certified equine massage therapist, novelist, screenwriter,  blogger, and shepherdess. When she's not writing, Andie can be found kicking up dust while dancing with horses, raising Valais Blacknose sheep, tending gardens, chasing chickens, mending fences, feeding  her family, and finding 101 uses for baling twine on her Tennessee farm.

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